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»Our Vision
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Our Vision

To be known as a reliable
manufacturer and exporter of chemicals from India who will be at the top of our customers list of suppliers in the markets we serve. IBIS will be at the top of existing and potential list of companies from which they will choose to do business. Our central philosophy is to put the customer at the heart of our business.

Our Core Competence

Supply chain specialists
Our hard-earned reputation of trustworthy supply-chain specialist enable our values clients to buy from difficult far-flung points as if they were buying from a local source. This allows you to experience stress-free procurement thru delivery. Add to this our strong commercial knowledge of export logistics,our own warehouse in Mumbai and swift,non-bureaucratic working style and this enables us to cater to even the most difficult needs of customer . Let us solve your supply chain problems lace wigs uk.

Knowledge of Indian markets/global quality requirements
Our vast experience in Indian Chemical field for over 2 decades, allows you to save time and cost without sacrificing quality. Our familiarity with country,government and association regulations and international business practices ensures compliances with constantly changing business environment. Ibis people have learned that, just as a successful transaction strikes a balance between the interests of buyer and Ibis, sustained success in international commerce lies in achieving balance between different perspectives. Thus pride in our comprehensive global commercial service is balanced by our readiness to listen to individual clients and tailor our response to his specific needs. Our professional expertise and up-to-the-minute information network are unerring guides to rich market opportunities. Our skills in negotiation have been tested and refined in every one of the world's market places.

Convenience of Purchasing
One of Ibis Chemie's key strategies in recent years has been to expand and optimize company's activities product-range in growth industries that have synergies with Ibis Chemie's core business. Area of special focus has been flavor/fragrance items, pharmaceuticals/bulk drugs and Herbal Extracts. Our valued clients can purchase not just dyes, pigments, dyeintermediates but also Flavour and Fragrance products, pharmaceuticals and Herbal Extracts, all in a hassle-free, convenient manner under one roof with a single invoice.

Dynamics of International trade/Global outlook
Ibis Chemie knows that, as there is no routine in the complex and volatile global chemical market, there is no profit in simple textbook solutions.To be sure, the basic form of trade, such as exports, are immutable. But, with all the world a marker place, these basic forms support limitless opportunities for profitable commerce. And we know that capitalizing on dynamics of international trade takes a global outlook, as openness to the possibilities of the unexpected and willingness to try the fresh approach. No one responds better to the global needs of the marketplace than Ibis Chemie.

Customer Service/Quality
At Ibis Chemie customer service is sacrosanct. We have evolved systems which ensures every product confirms to exact precise quality standards laid down. Our unbending commitment to quality at every stage ensures transaction integrity and product consistency. At Ibis Chemie we maintain high product quality and prompt customer service. Its a lot more than customer service. Its about earning your trust.
By basing its success on product and service quality and on its ability to accept challenges in partnership with its customers, Ibis Chemie has acquired a solid reputation as a supplier capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements.

Bringing innovation to market requires more than reliable supply. It requires a partner willing to work as an extension of your operations, product development and marketing departments - a partner that understands the practical challenges of assuring operational efficiency and turning innovation into marketable, cost-effective products. Our technical support and customer service teams work to understand your business needs - your facilities, products, production methods and markets. Our company brings new products and options to your attention as and helps you solve problems, incorporate new technologies and take first-to-market advantage of the latest opportunities.

The trust and security of working with Ibis Chemie a 27 years old established company in the Chemical supply industry.
Our honest commitment to our customers and unmatched systems has ensured a consistently top level international quality standards ensuring repeat orders year after year. Add to this our unquestionable integrity and it is hardly a surprise, that Ibis Chemie has for the last 27 years constituted the best value for many Chemical clients worldwide. Our integrity is by far our greatest strength. It is our balance sheet. It defines us to ourselves, our customers and to the world. Whatever current or future strategies we develop, these will all depend on the universal acknowledgment of Ibis as an honest and trustworthy partner.

Our Beliefs

Customer Centricity
Being obsessed with customer centricity and their satisfaction is what sets Ibis Chemie apart from the rest. Our sincere efforts in all that we do attribute towards clients is reflected in our excellent relation with clients. Our proactive, progressive, quick, forward looking ways of working forms a very high standard of work ethics for our esteemed customers which has ensured our tackling the most difficult problems in a simple manner.

Pursuit of Progressive Excellence
Facing a severely competitive business environment, corporations must continually pursue progress and innovation to achieve sustainable growth. Ibis firmly believes in using team spirit to set a high consistent standard of our work ethics. To efficiently manage operations, Ibis believes in improvement everyday and taking up every problem as an challenge and every moment as an opportunity which results in inspired progress, innovation and achieving new unknown standards of excellence towards valued clients. Ibis is constantly looking at avenues at expanding and optimizing our product range.

Excel of Human Spirit
For more than 27 years, Ibis has been the preferred chemical supplier of many clients. But we are proud of much more than the products that we sell. We are committed to creating a progressive work culture that uniquely puts people first. Creative contribution for organisational competitiveness, keeping cost low, quality high and be continually on the workout for new ways to add value to customer, is a way of life at Ibis Chemie. We encourage employees to share experiences, take initiative, develop skills to full potential to go the extra mile, to achieve the competitive edge required in competitive chemical world. People's participation is one of the Ibis's preferred ways to ensure corporate excellence. By cultivating a teamwork environment and promoting noble principals we encourage the elevation of human character.

We take care of our employees who take care of our customers and that takes care of our business.


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